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Fr Gerald A. Arbuckle SM

Co-director, Refounding and Pastoral Development, Sydney

Gerry Arbuckle_atBBIGerald Arbuckle, SM, Ph.D., a Cambridge University graduate in applied cultural anthropology, is internationally known for his expertise in helping Church leaders minister, particularly in Catholic Healthcare,  effectively in a postmodern world. Appointed in 2008 by the New South Wales  Government to the Independent Panel to oversee the reform of the state’s public hospital system, he presented the Martin D’Arcy, S.J., Lectures at Oxford University, in 2011.

He is the author of many books, the most recent being:  Laughing with God: Humor, Culture, and Transformation (2011); Culture, Inculturation, and Theologians: A Postmodern Critique (2010); Humanizing Healthcare Reforms (2013); Catholic Identity or Identities? Refounding Ministries in Chaotic Times (2013); The Francis Factor and the People of God: New Life for the Church (2015).


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