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Pricing and Enrolment

Adult Faith Online courses are flexible and affordable. You can enrol any time during the year.

For enrolment enquiries, please contact Belinda Srour at adultfaith@bbi.catholic.edu.au or call +61 2 9847 0590.


Course Costs

Individuals:  First course: $60.50 ($55 + GST $5.50)

Second course: $55.00 ($50 + GST $5.00)


Subsequent courses: $49.50 ($45 + GST $4.50)

Discounts apply after completing the first topic if other topics are undertaken within 18 months.

Groups of 10: 

$495 per course (a saving of $100)


Please note, courses must be completed within six months for individuals or within one year for groups of 10 or more, from the date of enrolment. Additional fees may apply if courses are not completed within this timeframe.

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