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BBites Workshop Program

BBI BitesBBites is a new program of “bite-size” short courses in theology, scripture, spirituality, faith and related themes.

BBites is open to Christians of all ages who have an interest in deepening their faith awareness. 

Public Short Courses & Workshops

Van Than Nguyen Professor vanThanh Nguyen SVD
Chair of Catholic Missiology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago
New Testament Workshops

Through this series of three workshops, you will have a unique opportunity to deepen your scriptural knowledge and gain fresh insights into the Gospels of the New Testament. Starts 10 May 2017.

Dr Antoinette-Collins-150x160 Dr Antoinette Collins
Lecturer – Biblical Studies
Unlocking the Text of Genesis
This four-part program will explore the Book of Genesis to reveal its riches, beauty and ability to face the important questions of life.
Starts 8 March 2017

Click here to download the Unlocking the Text of Genesis flyer

In-house Short Courses & Workshops

  • Find a speaker for your next retreat
  • Book a workshop for your next staff development day
  • Design your own seminar, based on your organisation’s needs

Select a member of BBI’s Academic Faculty to help you deliver an inspiring and educational event. Sessions will draw from sound theology and based on the rich Catholic tradition, conveying Catholic identity and mission.

In-house short courses and workshops are tailored to the needs and interests of local or regional Church and faith groups, including the following:

  • Diocesan staff groups
  • Religious Institutes 
  • Catholic Education Offices and school teams
  • Catholic health and welfare agency teams
  • Parish committees, councils, teams and study groups
  • Community and private Christian groups
Noel-Connolly-150x160-highlight Rev Noel Connolly SSC
Lecturer – Mission & Culture
Mission and Culture; Australian multiculturalism 
Fr Noel has given numerous talks throughout Australia, spreading the teaching of Pope Francis. He seeks to proclaim a way a way in which the Church can be missionary in a secular and pluralist culture.Fr Noel’s other interest is in transforming our multi-ethnic Church into a true multicultural Church.
Dr Antoinette-Collins-150x160 Dr Antoinette Collins
Lecturer – Biblical Studies
The Bible; The Hebrew Bible; The Old Testament


Antoinette enjoys exploring the Bible especially the Book of Genesis. Her discussions of the Biblical texts are imbued with information and enthusiasm making the bible easily understandable and appreciated by all.
Peter-Mudge-150x160 Dr Peter Mudge
Senior Lecturer – Religious Education & Spirituality
Religion; Spirituality; Neuro Science; Pedagogy; Threshold Concepts
Peter delivers a specialist workshop titled: “Spirituality - search for meaning, happiness or is there something else". The workshop is suited for all Christian audiences with either limited or advanced theological or spiritual background and formation.
Rachelle-150x160 Dr Rachelle Gilmour
Senior Lecturer – Biblical Studies
The Bible; The Hebrew Bible; The Old Testament
Rachelle makes the bible accessible especially exploring the fascinating literature of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
Anthony-Gooley-150x160 Rev Dr Anthony Gooley
Head of Theological Studies, Senior Lecturer  – Theology
Ecclesiology, ministry, theology, science and the Diaconate
Anthony explores contemporary issues in Church and society, relevant to Catholic education, health, welfare, parish and Church ministry. Topics include ecclesiology, ministry, theology, science and the Diaconate.
Mike-Foley_150x160 Mr Mike Foley
Lecturer – Theology & Ethics
Christology and Ecclesiology
Mike explains areas of theological study, such as Christology and Ecclesiology in the context of the here and now of everyday life.  His understanding of the fears and needs of those living with loss and grief, comes from a theology centred on the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that this is the ongoing revelation of who we are, where we belong, and what will become of us.
Di-Rayson-150x160 Ms Di Rayson
Sessional Lecturer – Theology & Ethic
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Ethics
Di specialises in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer for ethical issues, spiritual formation and ethical decision-making. She has additional academic interest in equipping the Church to engage in the climate change dialogue, as well as ecological theology and ethic. Finally, Di can provide detailed workshops to assist students in their academic writing and religious literacy.


If you are considering organising a professional development or short courses (PD&SC) event, we invite you to call and discuss your needs with us. We would be delighted to assist you and provide any advice you may need. The PD&SC team can be reached on 02 9847 0030 or email Belinda on bsrour@bbi.catholic.edu.au.


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