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Mercy: A Way of Being in the World

Mercy - largeThe 12th National eConference, Mercy: A Way of Being in the World, will commemorate the Jubilee Year of Mercy and take up Pope Francis’ invitation to explore this central element of our faith.

Event Details

  • Topic: Mercy: A Way of Being in the World
  • Date: Tuesday 20 September
  • Time: 10.30am – 2.45pm (EST)
  • Registration: Free but registration is mandatory. The link will be live very soon.


Have your say on Mercy

Woman filming another womanThis year, we invite you to participate in the eConference by sharing a short (approx. 2 min) video clip with us about your experience of Mercy.

These short videos can be filmed on any device that can record video including on an iPhone or any other smart phone or tablet. We will select a few clips to share during the eConference in a special session called ‘Mercy Moments’. We will aim to select Mercy Moments that capture the spirit of Mercy.

We ask you send us your ‘Mercy Moments’ no later than Friday 19 August for inclusion in the eConference.

Here are a few tips about recording videos, which may help you to get the best result from your ‘Mercy Moment’:

  • Record your videos in a quiet space with no background noise.
  • You may wish to let other people in the building know you are recording, or place a sign on the door so you don’t have any unwanted interruptions.
  • Make sure the area is well lit and that the main light source, i.e. the sun coming through a window or a lamp in the room, is behind the camera and pointing towards your face so we can see you.
  • If recording on a tablet or phone, rotate the device to record in landscape rather than portrait view.

Program Schedule

5 mins
Session 1
Archbishop Mark Coleridge
Pope Francis’ vision and dream of Mercy in our Church and world
15 mins
Session 2
Phil Glendenning
The Cry of the Poor, the Cry of the Earth
20 mins
Facilitator discussion
20 mins
Session 3
Sr Veronica Lawson
Leaving Space for Mercy: a Hebrew Perspective
20 mins
Facilitator discussion 20 mins
12.10pm Session 4 Archbishop Mark Coleridge Leaving Space for Mercy: the Sermon on the Mount 20 mins
12.30pm Lunch & Facilitator discussion 45 mins
1.15pm Session 5 Sr Veronica Lawson Leaving Space for Mercy: a Lucan perspective 20 mins
1.35pm Facilitator discussion 20 mins
1.55pm ‘Mercy Moments’ Video clips 15 mins
2.10pm Panel Discussion 30 mins
2.45pm Close  


If you have any questions about the upcoming eConference, please email Christian Farrington at econference@bbi.catholic.edu.au or call 02 9847 0572.

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