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Sharing Online

Sharing information online has become a natural and rewarding process. Most people are eager to share new information with others, whether they do it through their own blogs, on forums, or on social media.

If you are studying an online course it’s important to remember that the information you want to share is almost always patented and under intellectual rights. Being informed about exactly what you can and can’t share is important and it makes your course all the more fun.

Here is what you are able to share from your online course.

Share In Your Own Words

Sharing information learnt in your own words is the safest way to ensure you don’t infringe on any copyright or patent laws. Copying chunks of course material might be a breach of copyright laws.

Your Achievements

It’s natural to want to share the achievements of your education with others. Whether you want to celebrate or to educate, sharing your experiences is a great idea.

You can’t share the exact course material but you can definitely share the achievements and information you’ve gained online, as long as it’s not someone else’s work.

Unit Material, ONLY If It Is with Other Students in the Course

You are allowed to share material through BBI’s Blackboard Know-TAITE portal with your peers.

Any unit Material, Diagrams or Images

This material will almost always be under strict copyright and under intellectual rights legislation. Even after you finish your award or course you are not allowed to reproduce any of this material by posting it online or sharing it with others via hardcopy.

Material from Previous Years

If you have finished with your materials, you might think it would be considerate to pass on your material to a new student, however it’s best not to do this. If you have material that you think is suitable for new students you can pass it onto your academic staff who will take it into consideration.

Studying online is both convenient and exciting, and a whole world of knowledge awaits you. With BBI you can be sure that you are studying high quality, meaningful courses that will lead you to follow your passions. BBI has ways you can share information online with your student peers.

From Religious Education accreditation to a Masters in Theological Studies, we can cater to exactly what you need to study. To find out more about the courses we have on offer, feel free to contact us today.

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