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BBI-TAITE's Student Representatives

As part of our commitment to ensuring our students are represented and have a "voice" in the governance of BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI-TAITE), student representatives on the academic board are elected to represent the interests of all BBI-TAITE students.

The Academic Board is the peak body for academic governance of the Institute and oversee the academic affairs within the Institute. In addition, the Academic Board reports directly to the Institute's Board of Directors to ensure the highest standards of teaching is met. 

Congratulations to our Representatives

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI-TAITE) is pleased to announce that Laura Avery and Joan Lancaster have been elected to represent the student body on BBI-TAITE's Academic Board. 


Laura Avery

Student Election Nominees 04

Whilst only having studied at BBI in the last 18 months, I have been managing student enrolments and working with students studying at BBI as well as hosting intensive lecture series in the Diocese of Darwin for over 6 years.

The growing presence of the online learning community means that BBI students come from all across Australia and I believe it would be valuable to have the voice of the online, remote and rural students heard in the governance of the academic board at BBI.

With previous experience on national boards and standing committees both as well as leadership of state bodies, combined with all the learning from the governance course, I believe I have a skill set and experience that will help BBI continue to grow.

Joan Lancaster

Student Election Nominees 02My name is Joan Lancaster and I am currently studying a Master of Leadership and Theology through BBI-TAITE, aiming to complete this study by the end of 2020. I have previously studied with BBI, completing my Master of Theology in 2015. I currently work in the role of Education Officer – Religious Education in a diocesan Catholic Schools Office. My background is as an English and Religious Education teacher in secondary schools, and I have also held a number of middle leadership roles in pastoral care, curriculum and mission areas.

Through these roles, I have been a member of various working parties, planning groups and representative bodies over a number of years in a variety of situations. As such, I feel I would bring a range of experience to the representative role on the board and be well equipped to contribute on behalf of students.

Having completed my studies with BBI-TAITE in both online and intensive modes while working full time, I am very appreciative of the challenges of combining study with work, family and life responsibilities.

If elected to the position on the academic board, I would do my best to represent all students and ensure they have a voice in the governance of the institution.


Contact Information

To have your say regarding the the governance of BBI-TAITE, contact:

Laura Avery: lauraandduff@hotmail.com or
Joan Lancaster: joan.lancaster@lism.catholic.edu.au



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