Unit overview and content

This unit provides students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of theology through sustained engagement with the works of key contemporary theologians and their approach to vital issues of the day.

In light of this, students will be introduced to the thought of three contemporary theologians. They will be invited to engage with US theologian Elizabeth Johnson (b. 1941 -) , Australian theologian Denis Edwards (1943-2019), and Filipina theologian Agnes Brazal (b. 1960 -). Devoting four weeks to each theologian will allow students to have a sense of the issues and questions they engage with, the progression of their thought, their theological method, and the implications of their work.

• For Professor Emerita Elizabeth A. Johnson – Click to view BIO
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Assumed knowledge or prerequisites

It will be expected that students have successfully completed THEO800 & THEO801  from the BBI Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, unless otherwise approved by the unit coordinator. Students who enter the Master of Theological Studies with the equivalent of prior study in theology or a cognate discipline at the Graduate Certificate level will be understood to have met this requirement.

Study hours

10 hours per week for 12 week session, comprised of:

  • Directed supervision and directed reading


Dr Cristina Lledo Gomez

Teaching methods

Online Directed Supervision

Indicative Assessment

At the Institute we use a range of assessment tasks, including essays, research papers, online posts, critical reflections, projects and praxis exercises. Within a unit of study each set of assessment tasks is designed as an integral part of your learning experience. These tasks vary across units and programs. All assessment tasks are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework level appropriate for graduate awards.