This Advanced graduate course unit provides an opportunity for students to integrate what they have previously learned in the major area of study, in other course units that formed part of the degree, and in their life experiences beyond the formal course of study.  Its integrative nature incorporates reflection (on what they have learned), introspection (on where their understanding is currently) and projection (where the study may lead). It thus enables students to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum, to consider its application in future life situations, and to plan further learning experiences designed to complement and extend their current levels of understanding. It normally introduces little new content although it may introduce new methodologies and techniques.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  • identify and analyse the core disciplinary assumptions and principles of the range of units in their course Major
  • assess the degree of alignment of these assumptions and principles with those of course units beyond their course Major
  • formulate a statement of wholistic integration of their core learning across the curriculum
  • establish a personal plan for the integration of their studies beyond the period of study, and
  • design an approach for leading a specific group of people into the implementation of the major learnings from their studies.

Assumed Knowledge 

LEAD800, LEAD801 & LEAD900

Study hours

10 hours per week for 12 week session, comprised of:

  • At least four hours per week of reading.
  • At least six hours per week of directed study, including optional and assessable online activities.


Dr Ken Avenell

Teaching methods

One-to-one supervision.

Indicative Assessment

At the Institute we use a range of assessment tasks, including essays, research papers, online posts, critical reflections, projects and praxis exercises. Within a unit of study each set of assessment tasks is designed as an integral part of your learning experience. These tasks vary across units and programs. All assessment tasks are aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework level appropriate for graduate awards.