Student Enrolments

Student Enrolments by Course

In 2021 over 400 students enrolled in courses with the Institute:

Code Course 2021
GCGCL Grad Cert in Gov & Canon Law          2
GCLT Grad Cert in Lead & Theology       24
GCRE Grad Cert in Religious Education     190
GCTS Grad Cert in Theological Studies       13
GDGCL Grad Dip in Gov & Canon Law          3
GDLT Grad Dip in Lead & Theology          6
GDRE Grad Dip in Religious Education          6
GDTS Grad Dip in Theological Studies       10
MLT Master of Leadership & Theology       88
MRE Master of Religious Education       41
MTS Master of Theological Studies       42
XINST Cross Institutional (Wollongong)       10