Student Wellbeing

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI-TAITE) is committed to the wellbeing of its students.

BBI-TAITE’s Student Wellbeing and Engagement Officer (SWEO) is available as a point of confidential contact for students who may require support with aspects of academic life, or life generally which may impact on academic success. The role of the SWEO also includes listening to students’ concerns and communicating those to the appropriate people at BBI-TAITE.

Areas the SWEO is responsible for include:

  • Being a listening presence. The SWEO is available to listen to student’s concerns about their study or anything that impacts their study.
  • Referrals for Counselling Support. Counselling can help with issues student’s may face whilst studying. Counselling support is offered by Catholic Care, Diocese of Broken Bay, which is an independent, professional external organisation. Counselling support is confidential and free, and more information can be found here.
  • Disability Support. A disability which may affect a student’s learning may be short-term or long-term and includes illness, injury or a mental health condition. Support in these areas is provided by an independent, professional external organisation and is confidential and free.
  • Appeals and Grievances. These may concern academic or non-academic issues and BBI-TAITE has policies and procedures in place for these. The SWEO will advocate on behalf of a student in these matters.

To contact our SWEO, please email or contact our Student Services team by phoning 02 9030 8638.

If your need is urgent and after normal working hours the following may be helpful: