• Sep 17 2014

    Challenging Courses with Personal Learning Support

    Alanna Jacoby is the Assistant Principal of Religious Education (APRE) at St Joseph's Catholic School, Mundingburra in Townsville, Queensland. She is currently studying a Master of Theology through The University of Newcastle and The Broken Bay Institute.

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  • Sep 3 2014

    Week Without Words - The Silent Challenge

    Zachariah Duke, Academic Assistant to the Dean at The Broken Bay Institute took the silent challenge for ‘Week Without Words’, an initiative by St. Lucy’s School, to raise awareness and fundraise for children living with a communication disability.

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  • Sep 1 2014

    Canon Law demystified by Fr Francis Morrisey

    Fr Francis Morrisey OMI, Professor Emeritus of Canon Law at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada, spoke to BBI about demystifying Canon Law for the average Catholic.

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Applications for the Graduate Certificate of Theology or Master of Theology can be made directly through the University of Newcastle's GradSchool.


BBI Partners with the University of Newcastle to offer the richest suite of theological degree programs in Australia.

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BBI partners with Australian Universities to offer concurrent degrees to undergraduate Teaching/Education students.

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Degrees Designed for Teachers and Leaders

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BBI-Pope Francis eConference Pope Francis: Modelling the Ministry of St Peter eConference was streamed live on 11 June, 2014. Five outstanding speakers focussed on particular aspects of Pope Francis and his ministry and covered a rich range of topics. 

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Bishop_videoBishop David Walker introduces Adult Faith Online

AFO is an online study program and a resource for spiritual enrichment and faith renewal. Watch the video to find out more.


Catholic Correspondence Courses are assist participants to reflect on the relevant issues of Christian life today.

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Vatican II-The Big Council_BBI_Fr Steven bevans

Vatican II: The Big Council seminar was presented by Fr Stephen Bevans SVD and is now available on DVD. Click above to preview the DVD, hear the interview on ABC Radio and download the order form.


Vaughan Publishing is a joint imprint of The Broken Bay Institute and Garratt Publishing.

Explorers, Guides and Meaning-Makers (Vol 1) by Professor Therese D’Orsa and Dr James D’Orsa


Catholic Curriculum: A Mission to the Heart of Young People (Vol 2) by Professor Therese D’Orsa and Dr James D’Orsa 


Leading for Mission Integrating Life, Culture and Faith in Catholic Education (Vol 3) by Professor Therese D’Orsa and Dr James D'Orsa.



BBI Streams

BBI Streams is the online learning community of the Broken Bay Institute.



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