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9 October 2019
Feast and Canonisation of John Henry Newman Canonisations have less to do with rewarding the dead than with encouraging the living. The canonisation of John Henry Newman will be an occasion for celebration particularly in educational institutions.
2 October 2019
In Celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi: Friday October 4, 2019 As we struggle to mend our broken earth and reclaim our environment for our children and our children’s children, may we begin by embracing the spirit of Francis of Assisi
13 June 2019
The Holy Trinity – 16th June 2019 God is the writer with the ‘idea’ – an idea for a world of men and women created in God’s image who live in God’s love. The idea takes the form of a "book" – Jesus, the human “face” of that idea.
9 June 2019
Pentecost - 9th June 2019 The Spirit of God that “blows” through the community of disciples is the ultimate “flow” of God’s compassion and peace, giving shape and direction to Jesus’ community.
2 June 2019
The Ascension of the Lord – 2nd June Today, on the mount of the Ascension, Jesus entrusts to us his life, his Gospel of healing, compassion, reconciliation and hope. Having given his life to reveal the love of God for all of us, he entrusts that work to you and me.
7 May 2019
BBI-TAITE graduates urged to take theology out to the world Almost 100 graduating students from BBI-TAITE have been challenged to put their theological education into action by asking questions of, and engaging with, the rapidly changing world around them.
11 March 2019
BBI-TAITE's Principal offers you something for the Lenten Journey: Both Hands Prayer Rev Dr John Frauenfelder shares how he reflects on his Lenten Journey by practicticing the "both-hands prayer".
18 January 2019
Student (Renee Fleeton) shares why she chooses to study despite being a practicing teacher and mother. Studying can be a hard but rewarding process. Renee Fleeton, a Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Theology student answers a few questions, shares her inspiration to study and how studying positively impacts her personal and professional life.
12 October 2018
BBI-TAITE's lifelong friendship with alumni Darrin Patterson Mike Foley reflects on his experiences with alumni Darrin Patterson at Darrin's graduation at UoN. Darrin graduated with a Master of Theology and was tutored by Mike in Christology and Ecclesiology in 2016/2017.
29 June 2018
Presentation Sisters Partner with BBI-TAITE to Fund New Face of Theology The Presentation Sisters have invested in the future of theology in Australia by partnering with BBI-TAITE to fund the employment of a female theologian with a deep interest in eco-theology.
17 June 2018
Scholarships boost Lismore teachers A new ear has begun for teachers and leaders wanting to further their studies in Religious Education and Theology with an agreement being signed between the Lismore catholic Schools Office and the Australian Institute of Theological Education.
24 May 2018
Pope Francis’ Relevance and Challenge to the Church in Australia Rather than indulge in a theoretical discussion on how the many things Pope Francis has said could be applied in Australia, I thought it would be best to start from the reality of the Church in Australia and see what Francis might contribute.
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