Mission and Values

BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education’s mission is to provide quality Catholic theological education to all members of the community with a commitment to teaching excellence grounded in contemporary and applied research.

BBI–TAITE is a leading Catholic provider of theology dedicated to teaching and research, to scholarship and publication, to mission and service.  Our faculty and programs and units draw on the rich intellectual heritage of the Catholic theological tradition. Our award offerings are characterised by intellectual rigour, dialogue across academic disciplines, and what the Second Vatican Council referred to as ‘the signs of the times’. BBI-TAITE provides an approach to the study of Theology that is at once steeped in the gospels and tradition but immediately fresh and new. We focus on pressing issues arising in the world, and their relationship to faith within our multi-cultural and multi-religious society.  Our courses are of service to culture and society, church ministry and faith communities.

As a Member Institute of the Sydney College of Divinity: An Australian University College, we are committed to an ecumenical approach and engage with the churches and Christian communities within the Sydney College of Divinity and beyond.

From within this Catholic ethos our awards are open to all, irrespective of belief.  You will be entering a learning community within a diverse multicultural and multi-religious environment.