Academic Board

BBI – The Australian Institute of Theological Education is committed to quality learning and teaching, as reflected in its educational mission. Academic Board ensures high quality academic governance of the Institute’s courses of study, units, systems and processes. As the peak body for academic governance of the Institute, all academic bodies in the Institute report to the Academic Board.


Membership (2019)

Professor Gerard Moore (Principal & CEO) – Member (Ex officio)

Rev Dr John Frauenfelder (Deputy Principal/Acting Academic Dean/Head of Theology) – Chair

Professor Richard Rymarz (Director of Research, Head of Religious Education) – Member

Professor Therese D’Orsa (Head of Leadership and Theology) – Member

Dr Sandra Harvey – External Member

Dr Christopher Monaghan – External Member

Ms Joan Lancaster – Student Representative

Ms Laura Avery – Student Representative

Ms Cheryl Martin – Secretariat