General Interest

I want to offer something for the Lenten journey I call a “both-hands prayer.”  Here’s how it goes:

1. Settle in and settle down and catch your breath. Let your breath glide into a steady rhythm; feel the earth supporting every bit of you.

2. When you are ready, hold your right hand out in front of you, palm up. Imagine and envision in that hand something that you know to be true about God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.  Anything.

3. Now, hold your left hand out in front of you, palm up.  Imagine and envision in that hand the ways you live out this truth in your life – and then the ways that you don’t live out this truth – the ways that the life you live is separated from what you believe in Jesus Christ.

4. Now, bring your hands together, clasping them in prayer, and pray something like this:  “God, help me live one whole life.”

5. Breathe deeply, and when you are ready, open your hands back up in front of you, palms up, and repeat.

6. You can start at a very personal level – what you believe and the life you live, but the prayer can radiate out to embrace your community – the life your community lives – the life your nation lives out.  Where are those lives separated from what we say we believe? 

To the exiles crawling over the rubble of return, God says: Care for each other, be kind to each other, live what you know to be true in me. And, in living one whole life, your light shall break forth like the dawn; your healing will spring forth quickly; you will be like a spring, whose waters never fail; your ruins will be rebuilt; you will be called the repairer of the breach.  You will find your life.

 – Rev Dr John Frauenfelder (BBI-TAITE Principal)