Academic Staff

Dr Tracy McEwan is a theologian and sociologist of religion and gender. Her research, writing, and presenting interests include church participation, gender, generations, and life stage; gender-based violence; and spiritual abuse.

Dr McEwan was part of the research team that designed and developed the International Survey of Catholic Women (ISCW), the largest global survey of Catholic women ever undertaken and was lead author of the two major ISCW reports: International Survey of Catholic Women: Analysis and Report of Findings (March 2023) and International Survey of Catholic Women (ISCW): Analysis of responses from Australia (September 2023). From 2018 to present, she has worked on various projects with NCLS Research, the organisers of the National Church Life Survey, the largest longitudinal study of church life in the world.

Dr McEwan is co-chair of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) Women and Religion unit, and co-facilitator of the podcast “Australian Women Preach”.

Dr McEwan holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Theology) and Master of Theology from the University of Newcastle (completed in partnership with BBI-TAITE) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Mathematics) from the UTS, Sydney. Her doctoral research, completed in February 2022, explored the religious identity and participation of Gen X Catholic women in Australia; it will be published through Bloomsbury in 2024.