Catholic Correspondence

Catholic Correspondence Courses provide non-academic adult faith education to students across Australia by distance education. Students can do as many or as few courses as they wish. Each course is an independent unit, although it is recommended to do an introductory unit before embarking on more detailed work.

  • Wide array of topics
  • Zero technical requirements
  • Great preparation for tertiary study
  • Resources are posted to your door
  • Qualified academic tutors mark and review your wor

You can enrol in Catholic Correspondence Courses at any time during the year.  For enrolment enquiries, please contact Belinda Srour or on +61 2 9847 0590.

Course Costs

  • Australian Students: $275 per unit ($250 + $25 GST)
  • Overseas Students: $330 per unit ($300 + $30 GST)
  • Discounted Rate: $220 per unit ($200 + $20 GST)

The discounted rate applies to BBI-TAITE Graduates or Award Students, Broken Bay Parishioners and Senior Concessions.