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Trimester 2 units

Below is a list of units for Trimester 2, 2018 which commences on 23 July and concludes on 28 October.

Unit availability is subject to change. BBI-TAITE will endeavour to run all units as advertised. However, provision of units is dependent on the appopriate resources and staffing being made available and minimum student requirements being met.

Click here to see the full list of BBI-TAITE units.

Unit Code Unit Name Mode
THEO800 Foundations for Theological Studies Online
THEO801 Biblical Studies: Themes and Interpretation of the Bible Online
THEO802 Theological Studies: Themes, Thinkers and Methods Online
THEO830 Foundations for Liturgical Theology Online
THEO900 Advanced Studies in Theology for the 21st Century Online
THEO902 Capstone Project in Theological Studies Online
THEO919 Independent Directed Studies (Biblical Studies) Online
REDU800 Foundations for Religious Education Theory and Practice Online
REDU801 Religious Education in the Contemporary Classroom Online
REDU802 Religious Education Symposium Blended
REDU901 Contemporary Pedagogies and Classroom Practices in Religious Education Online
REDU903 Capstone Project in Religious Education Online


Religion and Young People in Australia and Abroad



Theology of Religious Education



Independent Directed Studies (Religious Education)


LEAD800 Leadership: Scriptural and Theological Foundations Online
LEAD803 Leading Ecclesial Communities: Foundations, Challenges and Possibilities Online
LEAD900 Advanced Studies in Leadership for the 21st Century: Models of Leadership Online
LEAD906 Stirring the Soul - Formation of Catholic Educators and Leaders Blended
GOVC801 Introduction to Canon Law and General Norms Online
GOVC804 Work, Employment and Governance Online
IMER900 Immersion Experience: Critical Reflection Online

Independent Directed Study electives are also available in the areas of Leadership, Religious Education, Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Liturgical and Sacramental Theology, Practical Theology, Mission and Culture and Spirituality. These units provide the opportunity for specialised study in a particular discipline under the tutelage and guidance of a specialist in the field. For course and enrolment advice please contact the Student Administration Team on studentservices@bbi.catholic.edu.au

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