Welcome to the second edition of Review of Religious Education and Theology

Two very recent events have special significance for those involved in religious education.  The first, in late June, was the release of data from the 2021 census. It will take some time for careful analysis to be undertaken so as to best inform the discussion around the wider social context in which religious education in schools take place.   Also meriting serious reflection and review are the Plenary Council’s deliberations with related motions. The Plenary concluded in the second week of July. Unlike the cyclic nature of the census a Plenary Council is a  rare opportunity for those involved in the mission of the Church to consider the tasks and opportunities that lay ahead.  This is certainly true for those involved in religious education in Catholic schools.  At BBI-TAITE we are committed to addressing these portentous times with a firm conviction that theology and religious education are deeply connected and this is reflected in all activities that we are involved in. We hope that this second edition, and future editions, of Review of Religious Education and Theology, will assist in enriching dialogue and bringing together scholars, practitioners and leaders in religious education.


Professor Richard Rymarz

Editor, Review of Religious Education and Theology

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