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This year our national symposium will be held in Dubbo, NSW to underline BBI’s commitment to catholic education in regional areas. There will, however, be no preceding academic conference and in light of this in this edition we will be presenting articles as they are approved.  The first article to be accepted is by Dr Adam Taylor from the University of Melbourne. He offers a fascinating proposition for Catholic schools working on the margins.


Professor Richard Rymarz

Editor, Review of Religious Education and Theology


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Teaching about the Trinity in Australian Catholic High Schools

This study is part of an ongoing project which examines the planning, delivery and evaluation of a new subject in Catholic schools in New South Wales (NSW), Studies in Catholic Thought (SiCT) (Starkey and Rymarz, 2019: Rymarz and Starkey, 2021). One of the main aims of this project is to better understand teacher practice so as to be able to improve student engagement.

The religious identity of flexi schools

Catholic Flexi schools are an alternative type of school that operate within the Australian schooling system. The paper focuses on Flexis operated by Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), the largest provider of flexible education across all education sectors in Australia.

First Edition

Authors such as Gareth Byrne, John Sullivan, Kieran Scott, Richard Rymarz, Graham Rossiter, Bert Roebben, Christine Robinson, Jessica Fic, Chris Hackett, Elżbieta Osewska, Józef Stala, Brendan Hyde, and Leonardo Franchi contribute to topics including investigating the spiritual dimension of life with young people, curriculum development for Christian formation, the impact of COVID-19 on religious education, challenges faced by Catholic schools, strategies for revitalizing religious education, theologizing with young people in their search for meaning, spirituality of early childhood teachers, cultural celebrations in Catholic families, and reshaping religious education. Immerse yourself in this enriching journal for profound insights into the intersection of spirituality and education in Catholic school settings.

Second Edition

With contributions from Amber Calleja, Paul G. Chigwidden, Eleni Greenaway, Mark Craig, and Angela Travers, this journal explores topics such as student leadership development, the role of coherence in religious education, teacher formation, reconceptualist approaches to religious education, and the implementation of the Living Water Years 11–12 Senior RE Praxis Course. Discover profound insights and practical strategies for fostering faith and education in Catholic school environments.

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