Assessment Extension Form

BBI-TAITE understands that there are many factors contributing to the lives of its students and that unforeseen circumstances can and do arise during the course of any given Session. Students must apply for an extension of time for an assessment as soon as it becomes apparent that such an extension may become necessary, but no later than the listed due date of the assessment task.

Eligibility to apply for an extension

Students enrolled in a unit of study are eligible to apply for an extension of time on one or more assessments if:

  • circumstances have arisen that are out of their control; and
  • these circumstances are not anticipated or regular occurrences as part of their ongoing study.

Circumstances where an extension may be granted include (but are not limited to):

  • Illness or injury (of the student or a close family member for whom the student has responsibility or duty of care);
  • Death in the immediate family;
  • Unexpected working circumstances (such as illness of a colleague for whom the student is required to take a portion of the workload in addition to their own);
  • Natural disasters which have a direct impact upon the student (such as fire or flooding which result in the evacuation of the student from their place of residence);
  • Unavoidable and unexpected commitments such as jury duty or (unanticipated) duties associated with military service.

Please read the Assessment Extension Policy before applying for an extension

Student’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they schedule adequate time for the completion of assessment tasks, and failure to do so is not considered grounds for extension of time.

Students must ensure that all supporting documentation meets BBI’s requirements under section 5 (l) of the Assessment Extension Policy.

Extensions will not be granted in the following circumstances

Circumstances for which extensions are not appropriate include (but are not limited to):

  • Usual and ongoing work arrangements (including intermittent but expected work commitments such as sporting events, conferences, reporting periods, end of year arrangements);
  • Usual and ongoing family commitments;
  • Failure of electronic systems and/or failure to adequately back up work

 All fields are mandatory and relevant supporting documentation is required for all extensions.