Academic Support

As part of the commitment to supporting the learning experience of our students, BBI-TAITE has a dedicated Online Academic Tutor. Ennis Macleod is available to assist students who may be new to studying at BBI, who have not studied for a while, or are writing an academic essay in a discipline that is new to them, and would like some guidance completing their assignments. Ennis is able to help with writing and organising essays, un-packing the assessment task itself, and using source material appropriately. Ennis is available online for regular appointments, one-off conversations or answers to questions about the style requirements expected in academic writing at BBI. You can contact Ennis Macleod by email or through your Lecturer.

Academic support is also available directly from BBI by contacting your course coordinator, preferably by email and describing your concern or the support you require. BBI Student Services is available to assist with enrolment, deferment and similar queries.

You may also seek support from the library staff at the Bishop David L Walker Library who will be able to assist you in navigating the library catalogues and other online repositories.

If you are not sure who to contact please feel free to call BBI on 02 9030 8638 and we will find someone who can help you.