General Interest


A writer has an idea for a book.  He or she nurses it along in his or her mind where it might “exist” for a long time.  After many long hours of hard work, the idea becomes a book, and the idea can now be touched, seen and heard.  As a book, the idea generates energy – an energy that affects those who read it.  The energy released by the book may even change the lives of its readers.  And while some may like the book, others may dislike it so much they will do their best to destroy it, by bad reviews, whispering campaigns, or burning it in the public square.  Despite the attempts to destroy the book, the book’s appreciative readers draw ongoing power from it, sharing its message with others.  Some will remember parts of the book; some will write down everything they learn from the book; and some will tell all who will listen the wonderful story or facts contained in the book.  The power released by the book endures long after its pages are no more.

[An idea suggested by Dorothy Sayers in The Mind of the Maker.]

God is the writer with the ‘idea’ – an idea for a world of men and women created in God’s image who live in God’s love.  The idea takes the form of a "book" – Jesus, the human “face” of that idea.  Despite the failed attempts of some to destroy the book, the energy of the book endures, the book takes on a power that “rises” above those who seek to “crucify” the idea.  Such is the Spirit of God giving life to the idea and inspiring those who embrace it.  That is the God of the Trinity.  May we embrace God's “idea” of love and reconciliation as mirrored in the "book" of the Gospel Jesus; may that idea energize us to transform our world in that idea through the power of the ever-present Spirit.   

– Rev Dr John Frauenfelder