Unit overview and content

This unit provides an introduction to the principles and practices of liturgy and its underpinning theology within the Catholic tradition. It examines the nature of Christian ritual and liturgy, and its origins and development. There is a special focus on the significant reforms of the Second Vatican Council through a critical exploration of key liturgical documents and rites, including an overview of the sacraments. Students will explore a variety of questions and issues concerning contemporary liturgy.

Study hours

10 hours per week for 12 week semester, comprised of

  • At least one hour per week for online lectures
  • At least three hours per week of reading.
  • At least six hours per week of directed study, including optional and assessable online activities.

Teaching methods

Online lectures; online activities; guided reading; scaffolded assessments; feedback on assessments.

Type of Assessment and Weight

  • Discussion Forum (15%)
  • Discussion Forum (15%)
  • Minor Essay (30%)
  • Major Essay (40%)