HRD111 – The History of the Early Church *

Course Author: William Wright

Basic features of the early history of the Church; structure, doctrine and spirituality of the later Church; evolution of ministries, from the apostles to Pope Gregory’s “pastoral rule”; Church and society: persecution, toleration and Christendom; tradition, orthodoxy and heresy, especially at Nicaea and Chalcedon; spiritual movements, especially monasticism.

HRD150 – The Reformation

Course Author: Austin Cooper
Prerequisite: HRD111

Historical background to the present situation of a multiplicity of denominations in the Western tradition, hence a deeper appreciation of the complexities of the ecumenical movement; the great figures of the Reformation era – Luther, Calvin, Zwingli; emergence of nation states especially England; the response and renewal of the Catholic Church.

*Indicates an Introductory unit