Catholic Correspondence Courses

Courses Available

(* Indicates an Introductory unit)

Biblical Studies

Course Code Title
BRD106 Introduction to the Old Testament *
BRD126 The Psalms
BRD131 The Prophets
BRD108 Introduction to the New Testament *
BRD153 The Gospel of Mark
BRD164 Letters of Paul
BRD168 The Teaching of St John

Christian Ethics

Course Code Title
ERD101 Moral Decision Making *
ERD145 Christian Social Ethics

Church History

Course Code Title
HRD111 The History of the Early Church *
HRD150 The Reformation


Course Code Title
LRD100 Introduction to Liturgy * Currently being revised

Christian Spirituality

Course Code Title
SRD100 Christian Spirituality *
SRD115 The Rosary
SRD110 Prayer and Prayerfulness
SRD151 John Cassian
SRD152 The Cloud of Unknowing
SRD156 The Confessions of Augustine
SRD157 Teresa of Avila
SRD158 John of the Cross – The Spiritual Canticle
SRD159 Julian of Norwich


Course Code Title
TRD101 Revelation and Faith *
TRD109 Introduction to Philosophy
TRD123 The Sacramental Life
TRD131 Jesus Christ, Center of Faith
TRD133 Trinity, Mystery of God
TRD141 Mary, Disciple and First Believer
TRD161 Contemporary Theologies